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How To Create A Website with WordPress – Step by Step Tutorial

November 16, 2018, Written by 22 comments

How To Create A Website with WordPress – Step by Step WordPress Tutorial
Link to HostGator:
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In this tutorial video I will show you How To Create A Website with WordPress 2016. I will guide you through the entire process, step by step in a way that ANYONE will be able to understand… and if you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Creating a website for your small business is easier these days than it ever has been before… using WordPress we can do this in around 2 hours.

We will be using a Free WordPress Theme called “Zerif Lite” to create our website and to be honest with you, it is one of the nicest free WordPress themes I seen in a long time!

[Relevant and Mentioned Links]

Link to HostGator:

HostGator Discount Coupon:
WPWEBSITE1 (get your first months hosting for 1 penny!)

Design A Free Logo (Video):

Create A Favicon / Site Icon (Video):

Free Icons for your Site:

Official WordPress Theme Page (Zerif Lite):

[Plugins we will use on our Website]

Image Widget:

W3 Total Cache:

This Video (Direct YouTube URL):

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I release new WordPress Tutorials on here quite often.

[Tutorial Video Overview / Time-stamps]

Each of the times listed below are clickable links which will take you to that exact part of the video, this should help make it easier if you need to navigate through the video for a second time to re-watch a certain bit.

Total Video Length 1 Hour 45 Minutes.

Personal Introduction
Website Overview / Demo
Go Through Our Check-list!
Sign up for Hosting & Domain Name (using HostGator)
Log into what’s know as the HostGator “CPanel”
Install WordPress using CPanel
Sign into WordPress for the First Time
Change WordPress Password
Change WordPress Theme (Zerif Lite)
Delete demo content (post, page and plugins)
Site Identity
Big Title Section
Parallax Effect
Our Focus Section
Our Focus Widgets
About Us Section
Our Team Section
Team Member Widgets
Testimonials Section
Ribbon Sections
Latest News Section
Contact Us Section
Background Image Section
Adding Blog Posts
Inserting Images
Embedding Videos
Adding Our Separate Blog Page
About Us Page
Our Services Page
Contact Us Page
Turn Comments On/Off
Create Custom Menu
Linking Our Buttons from Earlier
Change The Sidebar / Widget Areas
Adding Images to The Sidebar
Congratulations – You Have Finished!

I really hope you enjoyed my video on how to create a WordPress website for your small business, and if you did – please feel free to leave a comment underneath letting others know what you thought and also Subscribe to this channel for more tutorial videos just like this one!

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I release new WordPress Tutorials on here quite often.

Well anyway, I hope you LOVE your WordPress Website!

Until Next Time,


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And Remember…
“WordPress is SO much more FUN when WE build it TOGETHER!”

Some links on this page/in this video and the HostGator discount coupon given are affiliate links and coupons. This means I earn a small commission each time a purchase is made through one of the links or when my coupon is used against a purchase. This will NOT cost you anything extra but it DOES HELP support this channel and so I personally REALLY appreciate it! Thanks, Martie”.



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