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sendgrid setting up cname for whitelabel in your cpanel

November 10, 2018, Written by 18 comments

How to set up the cname in your cpanel when white labeling your domain name in sendgrid.

This is an easy thing to do when you know where to go in your cpanel. The basic steps are

1) select domains under settings in the left hand menu ino send grid.

2)click add whitelabel.

3) fill in sub domain and domain in the appropriate spots.

4) Save

5) Log into your hosting cpanel and go down to domains section , then click simple dns zone editor.

6) go back to send grid and you will see on the page you are on after clicking save a list 3 rows of host and data.
Copy the first host and go back to your cpanel and enter it in the add cname section of the dns zone page you should be on.
then copy the data field and enter it in the cname box and click add cname record.

Do this for each of the records.
Your done.

Now go back to sendgrid and click the validate records button and you should see a green check mark by each record.



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