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Posh Party Hosting & 3 Poshmark Tips Show & Tell

November 10, 2018, Written by 8 comments

**** Dead Spot at 24-25 Min Mark – Don’t know what happened!****

This video is about Posh Party Hosting and all the information you receive in advance of hosting. We go over the guide in detail that you receive with your party confirmation e-mail. I am excited to be hosting a Poshmark Noon Party on Monday 11/12… or am I?

I also answer three questions that I have been meaning to share with you guys on Poshmark navigation:

#1. How to perform a brand focussed buyer search.
#2. How to make bundle offers on mobile & desktop.
#3. How to get your listing to show up in Poshmark Showroom.

If you need a tutorial on any other functions within the application please leave a comment down below.

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