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How To Setup Your Custom Email Address on Bluehost cPanel

November 10, 2018, Written by 0 comment

How To Setup Your Custom Email Address on Bluehost cPanel

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For using our custom email address with the domain that we registered, you must first configure the domain’s name server to point to the web hosting space if it is not doing so already. Once, the domain & web hosting is configured, proceed.

Create your email address

Set up email forwarding to receive emails from your primary email

Configure the email with clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or mobile email

Create email addresses
To make and use your own branded email address in Bluehost, please follow the steps.

1. Login to your web hosting cPanel, which can be accessed via (where represents your domain) or You will have the login details received in web hosting confirmation / welcome email You can also log in via the Bluehost website’s login panel.

2.Locate the Email Manager icon and click on it. In the resulting page, select the desired email address by typing the first part of the email address and selecting the right domain name. Make sure Save the email password safely

3. You can check your email at or

choose the webmail login tab using the email and password that you created. Also, access your email using the cPanel – Email – Check Webmail.

Forward emails to your primary address
If you have received emails on this new address daily, it may be cumbersome with multiple websites. One of the solutions is to forward all emails

1. Login to your web hosting cPanel In the Mail section, click on the Email Manager icon.

2. On the next page, you will find a button with “Add Forwarder” link.

3. Click on the Add Email Forwarder button and add the email address along with the primary email.

Important: Forwarding an email address to your primary email address leaves a copy of the email on the server. This means your emails can be used for more time to time. You will have to manually delete the emails by logging in to the account using the WebMail option or via cPanel. To avoid this issue, you can use email clients or web platforms such as Gmail to fetch mails via POP or IMAP protocols.

Configure email clients to access emails
You can use email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or your smartphone’s email client to check your email.

Go to your hosting cPanel Click on the Email section You can get the details for setting up email clients in the email list, the email configuration link in the sidebar of the email management page. Click on the Configure Email link Use this to configure You can also connect your Gmail account to your branded domain email



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