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How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website (2017-2018)

November 15, 2018, Written by 48 comments

Follow along in this step-by-step guide to setup a Google Analytics account & install Google Analytics on your website… all in under 10 minutes.

1:18 – Setup a Google Account
2:08 – Signup for Google Analytics
5:30 – Setup Google Analytics for WordPress via MonsterInsights Plugin
9:03 – Setting up Google Analytics for MonsterInsights plugin
10:45 – Add tracking script to a custom website
11:35 – Where to find your Google Analytics tracking ID/script
13:52 – Test that Google Analytics is setup properly & collecting data

Google Analytics is a free, powerful website analytics tool that I highly recommend you install on your website. Setting up an account is free & easy, and you gain valuable information about your website visitors.

I’ll show you two ways to install the Google Analytics tracking script onto your site:

1. For WordPress websites, I’ll show you how to install & configure the Google Analytics for MonsterInsights plugin.
2. For static & hand-coded sites, or an alternate method for WordPress, I’ll show you how to add the GA tracking script directly to your website files (or WordPress theme).

– How to setup a Google Account
– How to register for Google Analytics
– Where to find your tracking code
– How to install a popular WordPress plugin used with Google Analytics
– How to add the GA tracking script directly to your site




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