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How to Set up Vestacp Nameservers DNS & Free SSL Certificate

November 14, 2018, Written by 3 comments

Set up Vestacp Nameservers DNS & Free SSL Certificate.

how to set up and config vesta control panel DNS recoding, nameserver and free install LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.

1. Go to DNS setup (DNS Recorder) and change the nameserver but before your changing the nameserver your have to add new A Recorder.

eg: A record + + your server IP
A record + + your server IP

2. now you can change your domain DNS NS record
Go to your domain NDS and Change the to to

3. This same thing you have to do Vestacp home page, go to home page and change the sane nameserver to your nameserver and save it.

4. Now login your domain service website and create new nameservers NS1 and NS2

5. Got to back to your domain nameserver setting and change the default nameserver other nameserver and paste your nameservers after save.

6. Now visit your domain without https

it will take time to update DNS in your domain

7. Now we have to install Free SSL Certificate.. so go to the vestacp web and edit your domain and select the SSL Support with Lets Encrypt Support and then apply the changes.

8. Now visit your domain with https

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