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How To Point Your Domain Name To Your Web Hosting Hub Account | Geoff Blake @tentononline

November 9, 2018, Written by 0 comment

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Now that you have your domain name registered with NameCheap and your web hosting set up with Web Hosting Hub, the next thing we need to do is connect the two — specifically, we need to point your domain name to your hosted website space. To do this, we’ll need to make some changes to your domain name settings. The steps are straightforward, so let’s get started!

Show notes:

In order to point your domain name to your web space on Web Hosting Hub, you’ll first need to register your domain name with NameCheap. I show you exactly how to do that in this video:

Once you have a domain name registered, the next thing you’ll need is to set up web hosting with Web Hosting Hub. I show you exactly how to do that in my video How To Set Up Simple, Easy, Low-Cost Web Hosting With Web Hosting Hub:

If you’re not sure about all this domain name stuff, I outline and clarify things in my post, What You Need To Know About Domain Names For Business:

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