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How to Install WordPress in XAMPP (WordPress Tutorial for Beginners in Bangla: Part-1)

November 4, 2018, Written by 3 comments

How to Install WordPress in xampp or how to install wordpress on localhost? These are the most asked question from Beginners who want to install wordpress on xampp in Computer.

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform to make an awesome website without knowing a single line of code or programming.

In this WordPress Tutorial, I will show step by step guideline for Beginners about how to install WordPress locally on your computer.

To install WordPress locally on your PC you have to Download and Install XAMPP Or Wamp Localhost server first on your PC.

To do this Please watch this Video Tutorial below:

How to download and Install XAMPP on your PC:

How to Download and Install Wamp Server on Your PC :

After Installation XAMPP server in your PC and watching this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners, you will be able to install WordPress locally by using Xampp in your computer.

This tutorial also teaches you how to make a WordPress website in your Computer by using XAMPP local server.

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