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November 16, 2018, Written by 0 comment

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Hey, what’s going on! This is Geoff Blake from Ten Ton Online. In this very short and sweet tutorial, I’m going to show you how to set up your web hosting and also get WordPress installed on your live hosting account so that you can start working with and building your WordPress site. So, let’s dig into it here.

We’re going to be using a service called Web Hosting Hub, a hosting company called Web Hosting Hub. They’ve got a fast and easy set up and they’ve also generously extended a discount to us as well. To take advantage of the discount on their hosting services, we’re going to have to use a special URL.

Go ahead and head over to and that’ll take us directly to their website. Here we go. Just like this.

Alright, now, if you want to, you can dig around a little bit here. You can click on “Hosting Features” if you want to know a little bit more about Web Hosting Hub and what they have in terms of what they’re offering us. They are offering us, however, a free domain name with our website, which is awesome. So we definitely want to take advantage of that in addition to the discount that they are offering us.

In any regard, across the top here I’m going to click on “Create a Website” and then I’m going to go and click on “Get Started”.

Okay, now on this “Get Started” page, or on this “Domain Name Options” page, I should say, if you don’t have the domain name yet and if you want to take advantage of a free domain name, go ahead and type it in here and then click on “Search”.

I already have a domain name that I want to use so I’m going to click inside the right hand field and type in my domain, which is “” and then I’m going to go ahead and click on “Next Step”.

Alright, now, whichever way you go you are going to wind up on this “Secure Order Process” screen and they’re going to need a little bit of account information from us. So, I’m going to go ahead and insert my account information and, through the magic of video editing, we’re going to speed things up here a little bit.

Beneath your account information, they have some package options which you may choose to take advantage of. If you want, you can have some automated secure backups and also some anti-spam protection if you want. Just for my demonstration here, I’m going to say “No Thanks” for both options.

And then down beneath that we have our “Payment Details”. So, we can choose our web hosting plan here. There it is: $3.99 a month for 36 months, there’s our total. Or $4.99 or $5.99. Okay, so whichever option you want to go with. I’m going to go with the 12 months, just for my quick example here.

And then beneath that, we go ahead and insert our payment details. Once again, through the magic of video editing, we’ll speed things up here. Down towards the bottom, go ahead and click on “I Agree” and then “Purchase”.

And there is my final “Order Confirmation”. That’s how easy it is. Now, you’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Now, what’s going to happen at this point is a representative from Web Hosting Hub is going to call you, just to confirm your order and to ensure that your account is going to be set up exactly the way that you want. They can also answer any questions that you have and it’s just an extra measure for your own peace of mind.

Once everything has been completely confirmed with Web Hosting Hub, you’ll receive this email, “Welcome to AMP”. That’s the Web Hosting Hub Account Management Panel and what you’ll need to do is follow this link here. It reads “Please click here to create your account password and get started in AMP!”

So go ahead and follow that link in the email. Now, I’ve already set myself up here with Web Hosting Hub, so give me a moment. I’m just going to go ahead and log into my account there, there we go. And the goal here is to get WordPress installed on our live web server now. So, here’s how I’m going to do it.

Inside the Account Management Panel, I’m going to scroll all the way down to “Technical Details” and I’m going to go ahead and click on “Details”. Okay. On the “Admin Details” page, look for your Temp Control Panel URL. This guy right here. This is going to bring you into your Web Hosting Hub cPanel or Control Panel.

Okay. Now, in order to go in and install WordPress, I’m going to make use of something called “Softaculous”, which you’ll find all the way down towards the bottom of your cPanel. Go ahead and click on this guy.


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