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How to Get Facebook Urdu/Hindi Tutorial FB Tricks 2018.

November 15, 2018, Written by 0 comment

#fahadalieducation #fahadalieducation Hi Guys! In this video i am show you How to Get Facebook Urdu/Hindi Tutorial | FB Tricks 2018.
Hacking into other peoples’ Facebook accounts is an infringement on personal privacy, and should be avoided. Knowing how to break into someone’s Facebook account, however, can help you learn how to protect your own. To get someone’s Facebook password, a person will need to either guess the password or search for a password document, so choosing strong passwords and keeping them safe are vital if you wish to protect your account. Another party can also gain access to someone’s Facebook account by resetting the password; if the user has Login Approvals enabled, however, the only way they can access that user’s account is if they have the user’s mobile device as well.

Enable Login Approval. This is Facebook’s two-factor authentication system, and can foil nearly any attempt to access your account without permission. When an access attempt is detected on an unrecognized device, your mobile phone will be sent a code that will need to be entered in order to log in. Without this code, the intruder will not be able to access your Facebook account.
Log in to your Facebook account.
Click the Menu button in the upper-right and select “Settings”.
Click the “Security” tab.
Click “Edit” next to the “Login Approvals” entry.
Follow the prompts to enable Login Approvals. You will need to associate your mobile phone number with your Facebook account.

Pick a unique password. Avoid using names, birthdays, home addresses, or real words in your password, as these are easy to guess. To ensure security, your password should be a combination of words and letters, preferably in a totally random order. The longer and more random your password is, the better.

Use different passwords for different accounts. If you use the same password for your email, your online banking, and your Facebook account, then it will be easier for people to hack into all of your information once they have discovered one of your passwords.

. If you suspect that somebody else has your login information, then you should change your password immediately to prevent them from hacking into your account without your permission.

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