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How to create Webmail from cPanel | Bangla

November 8, 2018, Written by 4 comments

Hello Viewers. Today we will Learn HOW TO USE WEBMAIL.
First of all we have to login to our cPanel. You’ll get the login information from your hosting provider.

After successful login you’ll see lot’s of options(could be different from provider to provider). From there click on the ‘Email Accounts’. You’ll see the form to create webmail email account.
Below this form you’ll see the list of previously created webmail accounts.
On the ‘Add Email Account’ form you’ll see a text box named ’email’ with a ‘@’ symbol at the end, is the box for the e-mail id. Fill this box carefully. This will be your email (local-part) identifier. This is the username of the recipient. Next in the domain name, If there are sub-domain or add-on domain in your cPanel you have to choose domain name from the list. For the password please choose STRONG password for the webmail. More than 80/100 is good. Now choose mailbox storage size from ‘Mailbox Quota’. If you choose ‘unlimited’, the email account will get the full storage size of the Hosting you are using. In this tutorial we are using 10MB for this email account for now.
At this point check everything again and hit ‘Create Account’ Button.

Congratulation! You have created your WebMail account.

Now we will access the webmail account by going . This will take you to the webmail account login form. Fill out the user name box with the email your have just created and use the password for the account.

Hope you have successfully loged in your web-mail account. Happy using!

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