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How to create a sub domain in cPanel easily

November 9, 2018, Written by 0 comment

The video is about ‘How to create a subdomain or creating a subdomain / Sub Domain’. Creating a subdomain in cPanel is very easy. You can create s subdomain within a minute.

** This is the part of a series video on WordPress Development **

A subdomain is, actually, another domain name which goes to just attach before your main domain name. An example of a subdomain is Here ‘subdomain’ is actually a folder in which you need to upload another website.

Just follow the short video and create your own.

# So, How many subdomains do I create?
It depends on your host provider. Some server does not let you create any Subdomain, some may let you create unlimited subdomains. You may ask y our server provider to get the opportunity if you are not permitted to create a subdomain.

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