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How To Create A FREE CandySendy Account

November 7, 2018, Written by 1 comment

Get CandySendy FREE Account➤➤➤

CandySendy is the #1 email marketing platform for Online Marketers, Affiliates, Agencies, Business Coaches, Course Creators, Freelancers, Bloggers, YouTubers, consultants & Startups. Our Email marketing and automation tools help you to grow your business.

How To Active Sending Server ➤
How To Create List, Campaign & Import Subscrbers ➤
How To Set Autoresponer & Create Form ➤

CandySendy Features:

➤ Complete E-mail List

➤ Tracking & Statistics Reporting

➤ Easy Integration with SMTP

➤ Advanced Email Template Builder

➤ Full Featured Automation

➤ Fully Responsive

➤ Quick & Easy Rest Ful API

➤ Email Verification

➤ Mass Newsletters Sending

➤ Embed Subscribtion Form

➤ Clean & Elegant Design

➤ Multiple Themes Available

➤ Personalize Email Templetes with TAGS

➤ Plain Text Email Campaign

➤ Create Campaigns that Stand Out

➤ Connect Everything You Use

➤ Automate Your Busy Work

➤ Optimize for Your Audience

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