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Heaven on Earth with Host Athena Starseed, and co-host Kim Hix, 11-10-18

November 14, 2018, Written by 0 comment

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We are calling all Light Workers, Way-Showers and White Light Generals- All 144,000 of us to listen in and assist us in spreading these powerful Messages of Light!

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Heaven On Earth is a Tv/Radio talk show…where host Athena StarSeed Channels live and co-creates with Emmy Award winning co host Kim Hix.
Our show is a sacred portal for Visualizing, Meditating and Celebrating our soul’s highest Joy that ushers in the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Sponsored by the Green Fire Temple

Our shows intention is empower light workers to access their highest gifts by following their highest bliss and putting their ‘Life Contracts’ into the Action of Abundance!

And Yes we have a PLAN!!!

One of the main Objectives for our show ‘Heaven On Earth’ is to build our “White Light Rail Road”-A grid that connects all the Temple Homes to Temple Event Spaces to Eco Friendly properties to Conscious Festivals to Heaven On Earth Land Trusts…. we can see how to do this through a sharing collaborative model as we All co create and play together in the Land of Abundance.

“May All Beings Be Happy and Free!”

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Heaven On Earth show


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Sundays (replay) at 1pm pacific standard

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On CRN Talk Radio
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1. Free 11 min. Musical Meditation Mantra Offering for the Golden Age of Aquarius:
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3. Mystic Sunday Morning Messages with Oracle Athena StarSeed and Liquid Gardens by Levi Chen Every Sunday morning at 11:11am-12:44pm location: 1704 Lincoln blvd., Venice CA 90291

We love and adore you and all your magical Gifts. Blessings.
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