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November 7, 2018, Written by 2 comments

Please watch: “how to make intros with Sony Vegas pro and Velosofy ” –~–
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Hi guys here comes another video from my channel the actual reason that I made t his video is thought that it would be better If I start a website and start blog posting related to our channel and topics related to our channel like game releases, gaming equipment, gaming consoles and pc and etc., related to gaming and tech.

And I also thought that it would be a helping video to other beginner bloggers out there in our subscribers I going to start blogging series just comment #blogingseries to encourage me in making more out of this series.

But guys I recommend you to buy a domain and hosting coming to the security issue best when I checked my sample website It say your connection is not secure which means hackers can attack you personal info like bank account phone numbers when you add your details. Take at your own risk.
Thank you guys for watching my videos and make sure to subscribe to my channel for latest updates
FPS Plays ; )

Upcoming video tutorial:
How to get 1$ hosting and free domain in Bluehost with HTTPS connection (WP #1)



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