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Boris Epshteyn MAD At A Majority Report Host!?!

November 16, 2018, Written by 33 comments

In this Majority Report clip, achievement unlocked: one modicum.

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“Then there’s the “Bottom Line With Boris” — a commentary segment helmed by Boris Epshteyn, chief political analyst for the Sinclair Broadcast Group and its 173 local television stations across the country. When Epshteyn alighted on the White House briefing troubles in a June 2017 edition of “Bottom Line,” Spicer’s gaffes were difficult to find. “From the very start of the Trump presidency, the press briefings have veered way off course. They’ve become much more theater than information-gathering — theater in which, frankly, the press has often played the leading role.”

Another theme of the Trump White House is turnover and chaos, as has been documented in painstakingly sourced reports in the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and many other outlets. One moment the White House policy on any given issue is X; then, after a Trump tweet or comment to the media, it is Y. It’s all good on the “Bottom Line,” however. “Just because someone in media says there’s a meltdown in Washington, D.C., does not make that true,” said Epshteyn in a commentary from last month. “Crisis, even when it does not exist, sells.”

Epshteyn worked on the Trump campaign and, briefly, for the Trump White House.”*

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